Financial Portal

Financial Portal Features

power packed Charts

Unique charts with interactive elements,real-time data and responsive design


Capability to stream simultaneously to several thousands of users

Multi language support,
app integration

Stay on top of the global events – locally!
Allows integration of trading applications

reliable choice

Connects to several data suppliers as well as internal data at once, Allows complex instrument search

Because YOU need the best to be the BEST!

Solutions That are Specially Tailored for You

  • Seamless integration of trading applications and brokerages
  • Implementation in Native app
  • UI UX Design
  • Complex instrument search
  • Multi language support
  • Connect several data suppliers plus internal data at once

Unmatched Scalability

Our financial solutions can handle several thousand requests simultaneously. And we keep improving!

Over 2 Decades of Experience

With experience spanning over 20 years, we have streamlined the financial portal to bring you the most relevant aspects. Easy navigations and intuitive designs set our portal eons ahead of competitors.

Revolutionary Visualization and Design

Simply forget about complex software installations, tedious coding, and server deployments. Join this next revolution, with our

Interactive maps

Multyple language for selection

Real time data

Social network integration