Our Partners

ByteWorx recognizes that partnerships play a critical role in developing, integrating, maintaining, and selling our cutting-edge solutions. Therefore, we take partnerships seriously and invest heavily in the success of partners.

We have chosen our strategic partnerships carefully, based on where we can deliver the most value to our customers. As a business, we continually enhance and invest in our skills and expertise and this is reflected in the partner accreditations that we have achieved to date. Be assured that we add only the best technologies to our portfolio to develop ready-for-deployment solutions for you.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s leading software providers, platforms, and publicity agencies. Our partners are instrumental to enhancing current solutions and delivering on the product promises.


Excellents GmbH is the popular full-service advertising and publicity agency for sustainable marketing strategies and corporate publishing. The winner of Best of Content Marketing Award, Excellents provide customized solutions for the entire range, from consulting and conception to design and web development. ByteWorx has been successfully partnering with Excellents for stock contests organization and operation.

FactSet Digital Solutions GmbH

FactSet Digital Solutions is a leading global provider of digital investment solutions for retail banking, private banking, wealth management, online brokerage, advisory and the media and operates an intelligent, cloud-based platform.

FactSet integrates and normalizes investment product information, market data, portfolios and proprietary content, and core banking systems. FactSet powers institutional and retail web portals, mobile and tablet solutions, and powerful APIs with real-time data. ByteWorx has been successfully partnering with FactSet for designing tailored solutions for our customers.


salesXp GmbH is a global operating software company based in Vienna. salesXP specializes in the analysis of existing systems and the design and implementation of customized solutions. salesXP has been the premium partner of ByteWorx for the Austrian market.