Stock Contest



Our stock market games are among the largest simulations in Europe and currently registering up to 50,000 accounts and 1,000,000 trades.

Based on our depot platform, we have been offering trading simulations and largest stock exchange games for the top banks and media for years. Trading in equities, ETFs, funds, bonds, leverage products, certificates - with volume testing or in real-time direct trading with over-the-counter bid / asks, everything is possible. In addition to the direct trading, we also offer limit trade, cheap / best and Stop loss / Stop Buy.

Our promise

- Rates for every budget

- For each target group

- Web Administration

- Comprehensive service

- Personal support

- Proven usability


Intended purposes

- Campaigns in the financial sector

- Marketing in non-finance companies

- Knowledge & Training

- Employee & In-House ratings

- Use in assessment center & application phases

- Premium stock market contests

- Standard stock market contests

- Financial betting games

Your Experience

From school and university investor for two to more than 20,000 participants each year to the largest derivatives contests with over 1 million transactions in 2 months, we meet all requirements.

A configurable set of rules also allows special solutions such as the depot contest of DAB bank which we have been managing for over 10 years. Depending on the asset management strategy, there are different rules in the three classes (security, balance, chance) with permitted stock quotas or maximum transaction numbers and much more.

With our multi-client platform, you can conveniently and easily create your own personal and individual competition and in a few minutes! Choose your layout, the colors, upload your logo, determine the stock markets, and determine your game rules. You can easily include the stock contest in your website and offer your audience a modern and innovative competition with added value.

Also, our "financial betting games" on e.g. Gold or stocks (tomorrow's value higher or lower than today) or our top / flop bets on the individual values of an index offer a great opportunity to score points with your customers with a slightly different marketing campaign. Enter into a dialogue with your target group over a period of your choice. For each correct tip, the players receive points that can be summed up and evaluated on a daily, weekly and / or monthly basis.