Portfolio & Watchlist

Based on our portfolio, the portfolio server allows the user to display real portfolios as well as to run virtual portfolios and watchlists.

Features inside

Various views may be provided for particular types of instruments, e.g. Derivative bid-ask views.

From the current inventory on a chronological display of all individual transactions down to the win / loss consideration of transactions (buying and selling) - anything is possible.

Supplemented by notes on transactions (trading journal), adjustable starting capital, cash entry and withdrawal, bookings of capital measures, import and export of stocks or transactions - all real stock exchanges can be mapped here:

• Consider your positions from the real portfolio in real time (for example, even without banking login, if you look in the office or on the phone)
• Simulate new trading strategies
• Test trade in speculative derivatives
• Or watch interesting securities in a Watchlist
available online anywhere and anytime via web view or via mobile app



For the analysis of your stock or ideas, we offer evaluations such as the chart of the daily depot progress, asset allocation on instrument types, industries, regions, countries and much more.

Through the adjustable notification of changes in your securities holdings, e.g. in case of violation of limits, you are always up to date.

Of course, we also migrate millions of records into the depot platform database.